Why Solar

We here at RepowerSA are on the brink of new developments in solar solutions. We are passionate about delivering the latest renewable energy solutions to both the residential and commercial sector in South Africa and throughout the continent.

We believe there has never been a better time to invest in solar than there is today. As the speed, efficiency and development of solar technology increases, the price of solar solutions decrease, which allows you to pay less every month for clean and abundant solar energy.

We helped many South Africans experience and benefit from clean, green energy and feel confident moving forward with a reliable long-term solution. Allow us to help you.


What’s on offer

  • Solar Panels add value to your property
  • PV Installations are long-term solutions
  • You can get credited by the government for excess power that you generate and do not use
  • Reduction in monthly electricity bills
  • Good for the environment as it reduces the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into our atmosphere
  • Residential and Commercial buildings that make use of clean energy tend to have higher selling prices than those that rely purely on grid electricity
  • Our solar solutions are reliable as they are guaranteed for 20 years