The SolarEdge Inverter offering is a NEW and Innovative technology which offers customers installing Solar Systems unique differentiators when compared with other String Inverters sold in the market. SolarEdge’ solution is broken down into three components which make up the solution, namely, Power optimizers; Inverter and web portal for module level monitoring. This solution allows for the harvesting of more solar energy / power, due to the module level optimizing.


Solaredge Power Optimizer


The Power Optimizer is attached to each solar panel allowing for individual maximum Power Point tracking (MPPT) on each solar panel installed. This allows each panel to product the maximum power it can produce independently of the other panels at a particular point in time. (Most inverters available in the South African market today at String Inverters. The nature of these inverters is that the maximum power point (MPPT) is monitored on a string level, and not on individual panels. The result of this is that all solar panels in the string’s output is reduced to the weakest producing panel).

With the use of SolarEdge optimizers on each panel, the design of the Solar System is much more flexible, allowing for installation on various roof faces, north, east and west. It also allows for installation much closer to shaded areas, as only the shaded panel is affected, and not the entire string.

All Power Optimizers carry a 25-year standard warranty.


Solardedge Inverters


The SolarEdge Inverter series are specifically designed to work with the Solar Edge Power Optimizers. Its function is AC-DC conversion only, which results in less components in the inverter, making it lighter, and more economical than other inverters.

The inverter includes DC Safety features (Automatic Voltage shutdown) which is vital to any customer wishing to install a Solar System on their property. Optional extras include the unique fire fighter safety switch, which enables safe DC shutdown by the push of an emergency button.

SolarEdge systems also allow for less Balance of System components as longer string lengths and unequal lengths can be incorporated into your PV array.

The Inverter comes standard with a 12-year warranty, which can be upgraded to 20 and 25 years for a nominal amount.

Solaredge PV Monitoring Portal


The third component in the SolarEdge solution is the on-line Monitoring portal, which allows for, free for life, individual panel, string and full system monitoring. The monitoring portal is available free of charge for any system installed. All that is required is an internet connection to the Inverter which allows it to connect to the Internet. The installer can set the portal up for the customer on completion of installation. The monitoring tool can send error notifications, making on-line fault detection and isolating issues easy. Complete performance of the Solar System can also be viewed real-time on the portal from any internet connected device.

All communications are sent via the existing power lines, so no additional cabling is required for data collection from the system.

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How to Buy


The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery and the SolarEdge Inverter require installation by a trained electrician. Reserve yours today and you’ll be contacted to arrange installation.